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The City of Munich

Time for an image revision

The City of Munich caters for more than 40.000 employees. But Munich's job market is competitive and the state capital is hardly known as an employer in some areas. The previous employer brand seemed abstract, had little connection to the employees and struggled with an outdated image of the public service. It was time for an image change for Germany's largest municipal employer. Time for a new employer promise.


Strong team. Strong employer.

Those who work for the City of Munich take responsibility for what we love: our city! Based on this emotional promise, we developed a new, strong positioning that unites all the heterogeneous professional fields of the state’s capital under one roof.

In close cooperation with our strategists and our creative teams we developed the campaign: Munich, our Kindl. And it is working well. We managed to achieve an increase of 20% in applications just for the educational year 2021. More than ever before. And this is just one example of the many positive results

Roll-In. Roll-Out.

Thanks to a well-planned internal roll-out with information material and merchandise, the existing team was able to identify quickly and sustainably with the new employer brand. An image film, bus and train advertisements as well as radio spots communicated the new positioning to the outside world and resulted in a significant increase in applications. Especially for vacancies that used to be filled only with great difficulty up until then. Yippie Ya Yee!

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